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***   Authentication, authorization, accounting + firewalling package
***   Copyright 1998-2002 Anton Vinokurov <anton@netams.com>
***   Copyright 2002-2008 NeTAMS Development Team
***   This code is GPL v3
***   For latest version and more info, visit this project web page
***   located at http://www.netams.com
/* $Id: st_any.h,v 1.67 2009-08-01 09:23:55 anton Exp $ */

//storage types
#define ST_DB_TYPES_NUM       6
extern const char *db_type_name[ST_DB_TYPES_NUM];

enum storage_type { UNKNOWN=0, ST_HASH=1, ST_MYSQL=2, ST_POSTGRES=3, ST_ORACLE=4, ST_RADIUS=5 };

extern const char *st_table_name[ST_CONN_TYPES_NUM];

struct sql_config {
      char *hostname;
      char *username;
      char *password;
      char *dbname;
      char *socket;
      u_short port;
//struct to store SQL methods
struct sql_data {
      u_short  default_port;
      void*    (*stOpenSql)(sql_config *cfg,st_conn_type type);
      void*    (*stCheckSql)(void *fd);
      unsigned (*stSaveSql)(void *fd, char *filename, st_conn_type type);
      void    (*stCloseSql)(void *fd);
      u_char  (*stObtainDbData) (void *fd, char *query,
                  void (*FillData)(void*, void* ,char* (*getRowData)(void*, void* , u_char)));
class Storage {
            u_char instance;
            storage_type st_type;
            void *FD[ST_CONN_TYPES_NUM]; //connection to database
            Storage(storage_type type, u_char id);
            virtual ~Storage();

            //cancel storage
            void Cancel();
            //Storage Must have
            virtual void ShowCfg(struct cli_def *cli, u_char flags) {};
            virtual int ProcessCfg(struct cli_def *cli, char **argv, int argc, u_char no_flag) {return CLI_OK;};
            virtual int StoreMSG(Message *msg) {return 0;};
            virtual int Load(st_conn_type type,
                  void (*FillData)(void *res, void *row, char* (*getRowData)(void*, void* , u_char))=NULL) {return 0;};

            //tranparent calls
            //virtual void* Open(st_conn_type type);
            virtual int SaveFile(char *filename, st_conn_type type) { return 0;};
            virtual void Close(st_conn_type type) {};
Storage* InitSqlStorage(storage_type st_type, u_char instance);
Storage* InitHashStorage(storage_type st_type, u_char instance);
Storage* InitRadiusStorage(storage_type st_type, u_char instance);

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