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***   Authentication, authorization, accounting + firewalling package
***   Copyright 1998-2002 Anton Vinokurov <anton@netams.com>
***   Copyright 2002-2008 NeTAMS Development Team
***   This code is GPL v3
***   For latest version and more info, visit this project web page
***   located at http://www.netams.com
/* $Id: netams.h,v 1.270 2009-08-01 09:23:55 anton Exp $ */

#ifndef _NETAMS_H_
#define _NETAMS_H_

#include "config.h"

extern "C" {
      #include "lib.h"
      #include "libcli/libcli.h"

#define RUN_PATH  "/var/netams"

// Includes of local definitions
class Object;
class List;
class Connection;
class Service;
class Service_Html;
class User;
class ConnectionsList;
class ServicesList;
class UsersList;
class Policy;
class PdList;
class NetUnit;
class FIFO;
class PrefixTree;
class Flow;
class Account;
struct policy_data;
struct alert;
struct sLoginData;
struct sQuotaData;
struct BWinfo;
extern const char UNKNOWN_REFERENCE[];
extern const char *buildforstring;
extern char *SHOW_VERSION;

#ifndef MAX_UNITS
#define MAX_UNITS 10000 //number of units*average_numberof_policies_per_unit, increase and rebuild if you have FIFO overflow problems 

#define CHECK_ACCT      0
#define CHECK_FW  1  

//match flags
typedef u_char match;

#define MATCH_NONE      0
#define MATCH_SRC 1
#define MATCH_DST 2
#define MATCH_BOTH      3

#include "cli.h"
#include "mutex.h"
#include "common.h"
#include "list.h"
#include "connections.h"
#include "security.h"
#include "users.h"
#include "flow.h"
#include "policy_prefix.h"
#include "policy.h"
#include "net_units.h"
#include "messages_fifo.h"
#include "memory.h"
#include "lang.h"

#include "billing.h"

#define ADD 1
#define REMOVE    0

#define DEBUG_TO_LOG    1

//default delays for different services
#define PROCESSOR_DELAY 10 //secs
#define PROCESSOR_LIFETIME 300  //secs
#define QUOTACTL_DELAY 55  //secs

#define KILOBYTE 1024LL

#define PARSE_OK  1

#define ROUNDUP(a) ((a) > 0 ? (1 + (((a) - 1) | (sizeof(long) - 1))) : sizeof(long))

// Versions Management //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
extern const char aaa_fw_software_name[];
extern const unsigned int aaa_fw_major_version;
extern const unsigned int aaa_fw_minor_version;
extern const unsigned int aaa_fw_subversion;
extern const unsigned int aaa_fw_build_version;
extern const unsigned int aaa_fw_build_version_local;
extern const char aaa_fw_build_time[];
extern const char aaa_fw_build_person[];

extern int flag_log, flag_quiet, flag_nodaemon, flag_syslog;
extern char *config_file_name;
extern const char path_to_config[];
extern const char path_to_log[];
extern struct timeval program_start;
extern struct timeval when_config_changed;
extern time_t start_t;

extern ConnectionsList *Connections;
extern ServicesList *Services;
extern UsersList *Users;
extern NetUnitsList *Units;
extern PolicyList *PolicyL;
extern Service *sMain;
extern MessageManager *MsgMgr; 
extern int global_return_code;
extern int is_running;
extern int is_autosave;
extern language lang;

//time calls
time_t netams_time(time_t *t);
int netams_gettimeofday(struct timeval *tv, struct timezone *tzp);
#define CFG_NONE                    0x00  
#define CFG_NO_PASSWORDS            0x01
#define CFG_SHOW_OIDS               0x02
#define CFG_SHOW_BRIEF              0x04

#define SHOW_OIDS(cli, flag, name, id)    { \
      if(flag&CFG_SHOW_OIDS) cli_bufprint(cli, "%06X", id); \
      else if (name && strchr(name, ' ')) \
            cli_bufprint(cli, "\"%s\"", name?name:""); \
      else cli_bufprint(cli, "%s", name?name:""); \

#define SHOW_STR(cli, prefix, str) { \
      if (prefix) cli_bufprint(cli, " %s", prefix); \
      if (str && strchr(str, ' ')) \
            cli_bufprint(cli, " \"%s\"", str?str:""); \
      else cli_bufprint(cli, " %s", str?str:""); \

// processor service functions
class Service_Processor;
extern Service_Processor *Processor;

enum restrict_type { DROP=1, PASS=0, PASS_LOCAL=2 , BRK=3};

typedef struct AutoAssignEntry {
      in_addr start;
      in_addr stop;
      AutoAssignEntry *next;
      } AutoAssignEntry;

enum au_type_enum { AU_TYPE_HOST=0, AU_TYPE_USER };  
enum au_naming_enum { AU_NAMING_BY_DNS=0, AU_NAMING_PREFIX1=1, AU_NAMING_PREFIX2=2 };
typedef struct AutoUnitsEntry {
      u_char id;
      au_type_enum type;
      au_naming_enum naming;
      char *prefix;
      char *put_to_group;
      AutoUnitsEntry *next;
      } AutoUnitsEntry;

void CreateAutoUnit(oid id, in_addr addr);

typedef struct MacControlEntry {
      oid id;
      in_addr ip;
      struct ether_addr mac;
      mac_control_state state;
      SysPolicy sp;
      } MacControlEntry;
void aMacControl_check(MacControlEntry* table, unsigned num_units, in_addr *ip, struct ether_addr* mac);
void aMacControl_alert(MacControlEntry* t, NetUnit *u, u_char dir);
// html service functionality
enum cpages_type { CPAGES_ALL, CPAGES_GROUPS, CPAGES_NONE, CPAGES_GROUPLIST }; // client pages - unit user&host
enum apages_type { APAGES_ALL, APAGES_NONE }; // accounts pages for billing service

extern Service_Html *Html;
typedef struct Html_grouplist_item {
      oid groupid;
      struct Html_grouplist_item *next;
} Html_grouplist_item;

void sHtmlAction(Service_Html *cfg);
// login service functionality
extern Service *Login;

#define LOGIN_ACTIVE          0x01
#define LOGIN_DEFAULT_ACTIVE  0x02 //currently not used
#define LOGIN_STRICT          0x04
#define LOGIN_UPDATE          0x08

typedef struct sLoginData {
      u_char flags;
      time_t opened; //time when opened
      time_t inact; // unit-specific inactivity timeout
      time_t abs; // unit-specific absolute timeout
      struct in_addr ip_from;
      struct in_addr last_ip_from;
      struct ether_addr mac_from;
      struct ether_addr last_mac_from;
      char *password;
      } sLoginData;

#define S_LOGIN_DEF_default_inact         0
#define S_LOGIN_DEF_default_abs           0
#define S_LOGIN_DEF_max_inact             12*60*60
#define S_LOGIN_DEF_min_inact             60
#define S_LOGIN_DEF_max_abs                     24*12*60*60
#define S_LOGIN_DEF_min_abs                     60
#define S_LOGIN_DEF_min_passwd_length     3

void cAccessScriptCall(restrict_type action, NetUnit *u, const char *param=NULL);
// quota control service functionality
extern Service *Quota;

typedef struct qstat {
      unsigned long long in;
      unsigned long long out;
      unsigned long long sum;
      unsigned long long softin;
      unsigned long long softout;
      unsigned long long softsum;
      } qstat;

#define QUOTA_NONE            0
#define QUOTA_ACTIVE          0x01
#define QUOTA_SOFTBLOCKED     0x02
#define QUOTA_BLOCKED         0x04
#define QUOTA_UPDATE          0x08
#define QUOTA_NSS       0x10
#define QUOTA_NHS       0x20
#define QUOTA_NRS       0x40

typedef struct sQuotaData {
      Policy *policy;
      qstat h, d, w, m;
      u_char soft_treshold;
      u_char flags;
      time_t blocked_time;
      oid nso, nho, nro;
      Policy *fw_block_policy; //this policy will be added to this unit's fw list when blocked
      policy_flag fw_block_policy_flags;
      sQuotaData *next;
      } sQuotaData;

#define S_QUOTA_DEF_arraysize 2

#define S_QUOTA_DEF_soft_treshold 80
#define S_QUOTA_DEF_notify_soft 1
#define S_QUOTA_DEF_notify_hard 1
#define S_QUOTA_DEF_notify_return 1

// events functionality
void LogEvent(event_type event, oid uid, oid usid, oid aid, char const *fmt, ...);
// alert
#define MAX_ID_PER_ALERT 10
enum alert_type { MAIL };

typedef struct alert {
      unsigned alert_id;
      oid     report_id;
      oid user_id[MAX_ID_PER_ALERT];
      oid unit_id[MAX_ID_PER_ALERT];
      unsigned unit_id_recursive[MAX_ID_PER_ALERT];
      time_t sent;
      alert_type type;
      char *data;
      time_t expired;
      unsigned tries;
} alert;
//BW interface
typedef struct BWinfo {
      unsigned long in;
      unsigned long out;
} __attribute__((packed)) BWinfo;

BWinfo* setBW(BWinfo* bwi, char **param, u_char *i);
void getBW(BWinfo *bwi, struct cli_def *cli);

#include "services.h"

#endif /* !_NETAMS_H_ */

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