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#ifndef __LIBCLI_H__
#define __LIBCLI_H__

#define CLI_OK                0
#define CLI_ERROR       -1
#define CLI_QUIT        -2
#define CLI_ERROR_ARG         -3

#define MAX_HISTORY           256

#define MODE_ANY        -1
#define MODE_EXEC       0
#define MODE_CONFIG           1

#define LIBCLI_HAS_ENABLE     1

#define PRINT_PLAIN           0
#define PRINT_FILTERED        0x01
#define PRINT_BUFFERED        0x02

struct cli_def
    int completion_callback;
    struct cli_command *commands;
    int (*auth_callback)(char *, char *);
    int (*regular_callback)(struct cli_def *cli);
    int (*enable_callback)(char *);
    char *banner;
    struct unp *users;
    char *enable_password;
    char *history[MAX_HISTORY];
    char showprompt;
    char *promptchar;
    char *hostname;
    char *modestring;
    int privilege;
    int mode;
    int state;
    struct cli_filter *filters;
    void (*print_callback)(struct cli_def *cli, char *string);
    FILE *client;
    void *conn;
    void *service;
    char *commandname;  //temporary buffer for cli_comman_name() to preven leak
    char *buffer;
    unsigned buf_size;

struct cli_filter
    int (*filter)(struct cli_def *cli, char *string, void *data);
    void *data;
    struct cli_filter *next;

struct cli_command
    const char *command;
    int (*callback)(struct cli_def *, const char *, char **, int);
    int unique_len;
    const char *help;
    int privilege;
    int mode;
    struct cli_command *next;
    struct cli_command *children;
    struct cli_command *parent;

struct cli_def *cli_init();
int cli_done(struct cli_def *cli);
struct cli_command *cli_register_command(struct cli_def *cli, struct cli_command *parent, const char *command, int (*callback)(struct cli_def *, const char *, char **, int), int privilege, int mode, const char *help);
int cli_unregister_command(struct cli_def *cli, const char *command);
void cli_unregister_all(struct cli_def *cli, struct cli_command *command);
int cli_run_command(struct cli_def *cli, const char *command);
int cli_loop(struct cli_def *cli, int sockfd);
int cli_file(struct cli_def *cli, FILE *fh, int privilege, int mode);
void cli_set_auth_callback(struct cli_def *cli, int (*auth_callback)(char *, char *));
void cli_set_enable_callback(struct cli_def *cli, int (*enable_callback)(char *));
void cli_allow_user(struct cli_def *cli, const char *username, const char *password);
void cli_allow_enable(struct cli_def *cli, const char *password);
void cli_deny_user(struct cli_def *cli, const char *username);
void cli_set_banner(struct cli_def *cli, const char *banner);
void cli_set_hostname(struct cli_def *cli, const char *hostname);
void cli_set_promptchar(struct cli_def *cli, const char *promptchar);
int cli_set_privilege(struct cli_def *cli, int privilege);
int cli_set_configmode(struct cli_def *cli, int mode, const char *config_desc);
void cli_reprompt(struct cli_def *cli);
void cli_regular(struct cli_def *cli, int (*callback)(struct cli_def *cli));
void cli_print(struct cli_def *cli, const char *format, ...) __attribute__((format (printf, 2, 3)));
void cli_bufprint(struct cli_def *cli, const char *format, ...) __attribute__((format (printf, 2, 3)));
void cli_vabufprint(struct cli_def *cli, const char *format, va_list ap); 
void cli_error(struct cli_def *cli, const char *format, ...) __attribute__((format (printf, 2, 3)));
void cli_print_callback(struct cli_def *cli, void (*callback)(struct cli_def *, char *));
void cli_free_history(struct cli_def *cli);


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