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***   Authentication, authorization, accounting + firewalling package
***   Copyright 1998-2002 Anton Vinokurov <anton@netams.com>
***   Copyright 2002-2008 NeTAMS Development Team
***   This code is GPL v3
***   For latest version and more info, visit this project web page
***   located at http://www.netams.com
/* $Id: billing.h,v 1.81 2009-08-01 09:23:55 anton Exp $ */

struct Billing_cfg;
struct bUlist;
struct FeeCounters;

FeeCounters* PrepareFeeCounters();

class PlansList;
class SubPlansList;
class AccountsList;

class Plan;
class SubPlan;
class Account;

extern PlansList *bPlans;
extern SubPlansList *bSubPlans;
extern AccountsList *bAccounts;

extern struct FeeCounters FC;
class PlansList :public List {
            PlansList() {};
            ~PlansList() {};
class SubPlansList: public List {
            SubPlansList() {};
            ~SubPlansList() {};
// sure there is no interaction with POLICY_FLAG_*
#define SPLAN_NONE            0
#define SPLAN_UNLIM_IN        0x01   
#define SPLAN_UNLIM_OUT       0x02
#define SPLAN_SUM       0x04

class SubPlan: public Object {
            SubPlan(oid newid);
            ~SubPlan() {};
            float fee;
            char spread;
            unsigned long long inc_in;
            unsigned long long inc_out;
            unsigned inc_adjust; // we allow 'slow adjustment' of included traffic? default is NO=0
            unsigned fee_adjust; // we allow taking fees proportionally to the day of month? default is YES=1
            u_char flags;
            policy_flag policy_flags;
            oid pid;
            float pay_in, pay_out;
            double overdraft_in;
            double overdraft_out;
            u_short connected_plans;

// subplan  representation
typedef struct bSPlist {
        SubPlan *sp;
        bSPlist *next;
        } bSPlist;

class Plan : public Object {
            Plan(oid newid);
            char *name;
            char *description;
            bSPlist *root;
            u_char num_subplans;
            unsigned connected_accounts;
            u_char AddSubPlan(SubPlan *sp, u_char flag); //ADD|REMOVE
            void SetAccountData(Account *ac); //set preincluded traffic for account
class AccountsList: public List {
            ~AccountsList() {};
            Account *Get(char *param);
            time_t last_update;
            void RestoreAccounts();
            void UpdateAccounts();
            unsigned max_accounts_number_set;
typedef struct bstat {
      double pay_in;
      double pay_out;
      long long in;
      long long out;
      time_t from;
      } bstat;

#define     BDATA_NEED_SYNC   0x01

typedef struct biling_data {
      long long flow_in, flow_out;
      bstat h,d,w,m;
      u_char flags;
} billing_data;

// this using unit representation
typedef struct bUlist {
      NetUnit *u;
      bUlist *next;
      } bUlist;

//this is for fee multipliers and time counters
typedef struct FeeCounters {
      time_t now;
      time_t ht;
      time_t dt;
      time_t wt;
      time_t mt;
      double hour_mult;
      double day_mult;
      double month_mult;
      double traf_mult;
} FeeCounters;

enum balance_action     { BAL_ADD, BAL_REMOVE, BAL_SET };
enum status_action      { AC_BLOCK, AC_BEBLOCK, AC_UNBLOCK, AC_DENY, AC_PASS };

#define ACCOUNT_NEED_SYNC     0x01
#define ACCOUNT_DENIED        0x02
#define ACCOUNT_BLOCKED       0x04
#define ACCOUNT_DELETED       0x08
#define ACCOUNT_BEBLOCKED     0x10
#define ACCOUNT_BDATA_NEED_SYNC     0x20

class Account: public Object {
            char *name;
            char *password;
            char *email;
            char *description;
            time_t blocked;
            time_t created;
            time_t changed;
            time_t last_fee_ch;
            time_t plan_ch;
            time_t nextplan_ch;
            u_char status;
            Plan *plan;
            Plan *nextplan;
            bUlist *bUroot;  //Units that belongs to account
            u_char num_units;
            billing_data *data;
            u_char AddUnit(NetUnit *u, u_char flag); //ADD|REMOVE
            void Update(Plan *pl);
            void SetUnitAccountPolicy(NetUnit *u, u_char flag); 
            void UpdateStatus(status_action action, time_t change_t); //BLOCK PASS 
            void AccountMessage(Message_Store *msg);
            void ChargeFee();
            void setName(char *name);
            void SyncAccount(FILE *f);
            unsigned SyncBdata(FILE *f);
            void Balance(float amount, balance_action action);
            double balance;
            double credit_limit;

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